9 Hrs Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoreggio


Orvieto, with its impressive Gothic cathedral and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and vineyards, is one of the oldest cities in Italy of Etruscan origins. Located initially in the tufa caves in the bedrock upon which today rises the current city. Impossible not to visit the Cathedral of Orvieto, a splendid Romanesque-Gothic example, rich in works of art such as the famous frescoes by Luca Signorelli and the Reliquary of the Corporal. Orvieto symbol is certainly its Underground City, entirely excavated by the inhabitants over the centuries, full of pits and caves, including the famous Pozzo di San Patrizio (St. Patrick’s Well). The Pozzo di San Patrizio, built in the sixteenth century, on the behest of Pope Clement VII, is one of the wells from the impressive size in the world, is in fact 62 meters deep and has a diameter of 13.5 meters.

Civita, a town better known as Civita di Bagnoregio, is located in the valley of gullies, between Lake Bolsena and the Tiber valley , in the town of Bagnoregio . Alone and at the same time fair, Civita is called " the dying city " because of the continued erosion of the hill on which it stands and in part to the relentless depopulation: currently it is estimated that the village is inhabited by eight people . To reach Civita there is only one way: the village is connected to Bagnoregio and the world by a narrow footbridge concrete of about 300 meters . It can be traveled only on foot To enter the village, you cross the Porta Santa Maria , opened by an arc of granite, topped by a loggia. Among the typical houses in tuff of the village, one remains only the facade and the glance is quite sensational. Immediately after you find Piazza San Donato , almost devoid of flooring: here twice, the first Sunday of June and 2 September, takes place Tonna . The Tonna is a good time to treat yourself to a visit to this unique town in the world . It is a very old race in the square reminiscent of the Palio di Siena , but you run a donkey. The donkeys , stars of the past life of Civita di Bagnoregio , as the only means of transport to reach the village between the steep paths that wound up to the top of the cliff, are the protagonists of this race that has ancient origins.


8:00 am Meet you driver by your ship gangway
10:00 am Arrival in Orvieto
12:00 am Lunch on your own
1:00 pm Departure from Orvieto
2:00 pm Arrival in Civita time on your own
3:30 pm Departure from Civita
5:00 pm Arrival to ship gang way

Mercedes Minivan or Sedan driver guided
Pickup and drop off from/to ship gangway

Entrance fees and meals
Gratuities for driver

1 PAX: 468 €
2 PAX: 234 €
3 PAX: 156 €
4 PAX: 140 €
5 PAX: 112 €
6 PAX: 94 €
7 PAX: 80 €
8 PAX: 70 €


7:30 am Pick-up at the Hotel
10:30 am Arrival in Orvieto VISIT UNDERGROUND CITY
12:00 am Lunch
1:00 pm Departure to Civita
2:00 pm Arrival in Civita
5:00 pm Arrival to ship gang way

Mercedes Minivan or Sedan driver guided
Pickup and drop off from/ your ship gang way
visit Orvieto and underground city with guide
lunch in nice local restaurant in Orvieto
visit Civita

Gratuities for driver

1 PAX: 645 €
2 PAX: 348 €
3 PAX: 250 €
4 PAX: 224 €
5 PAX: 189 €
6 PAX: 166 €
7 PAX: 150 €
8 PAX: 138 €